Actual 24KT Overlay Certified Fan Pin

For years the media has reported that there are some 75 million NASCAR fans across the US. executives want to take an independent count by issuing every NASCAR fan their very own (Registered & Certified) Race Fan number engraved on a 24KT gold plated Hat Pin as shown above.

"Each NASCAR Fan will be issued their very own Race Fan number that will be registered in their name and kept in our online Fan Vault for the world to see."

For the first time in the history of the sport, we will be able to see just how many NASCAR Fans their are across the US, and each one will be Certified. 

We have been ask is we think every NASCAR fan will take the time to be registered, and to this we say simply...NASCAR fans are the most loyal fans on the planet. We believe they want to stand up and be counted in order to show the legends of doubting shall we say, "other sports fans" just how strong our sport really is.

Besides, what a fun way to find out. Racing is about to make history once again and NASCAR fans young and old will forever take pride in their own Certified fan number.

Like our collector hats will soon display...

I'm # 00,024,824 and I'm a NASCAR FAN!


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